Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, August 17, 2020

Woman arrested in Bahrain for Destroying Hindu Idols, Legal Action started against her

Bahraini police arrested a woman and taken legal steps against her for destroying Hindu religious statues inside a shop. The video of her destroying Ganesha idols inside a store in Manama's area of Juffair, saying Bahrain is a Muslim country, became viral on social media. Trending : End of Corona pandemic is linked with decline of cases in world

The Ministry of Interior of Bahrain tweeted "The Capital Police took legal steps against a woman, 54, for damaging a shop in Juffair and defaming a sect and its rituals, in order to refer her to Public Prosecution".

- Bahraini officials condemned the act, calling it a 'hate crime'. More than half of total 1.7 million population of Bahrain are expatriates from all over the world. Recommend : Some of amazing unknown facts of India

- Royal adviser Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said 'Destroying religious symbols is not part of nature of the Bahraini people'. Its a crime that exposes expatriates and rejected hate, he tweeted.

- The viral video shows, Two women seen standing near a rack where Hindu religious idols were kept, while one women calls the shopkeeper, ask him why this kept here, then she picks up the idols and throws on the floor, while the other woman captures the incident on her phone.

- Soon after it came into the eyes of authorities, Taking a swift action, Bahrain Police arrested the woman and referred her for legal proceedings and the case has been transferred to the Public Prosecution. See Also : Number of UNESCO World Heritage sites at G20 countries

- Bahrain has a largest expatriate population including Indians both Hindus and Muslim, almost half of the population of the country are not Bahrainis.

Woman arrested in Bahrain for Destroying Hindu Idols, Legal Action started against her - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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