Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, August 16, 2020

Saudi Health Teams invited to Moscow's lab to assess Russia's Corona Vaccine

The Director General of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev revealed that the Moscow is very confident that Saudi Arabia will become a strong strategic partner in developing the 'Sputnik V' new Russian Vaccine against the Corona virus (Covid-19). Trending : End of Corona pandemic is linked with decline in infections of world

In an interview with Arab News, He said that we have seen a very negative, I would call it very jealous reaction in the US, UK and some places of Europe. But we have seen very positive response in the Middle East, Asia and extremely positive reaction in Latin America.

- Krill said we are not forcing anyone for our vaccine, For now only Russians will be vaccinated. We just want to share the fact we have this technology. Recommend : Saudi Arabia reports total corona virus infections reached to 298k with above 266k recovered

- We have agreement for clinical trials with Saudi Arabia, Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia to visit Gamaleya Institute, It is part of the process. We already have a partner in the Kingdom a good Saudi company, It's an experienced pharma company that is working with us and we have already share phase 1 and 2 data with our Saudi partners.

- We believe in a strategic partnership with Saudi Arabia on the vaccine, we know lots of countries look up to Saudi Arabia and their approach and we will really engage Saudi scientists, Health Ministry in understanding our technology. See Also : Saudi schools to start new year with distance learning for 7 weeks

- We also share the data with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), we expect to start trials there in August, we expect to have clinical trials in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Philippines, Brazil and Russia.

Saudi Health Teams invited to Moscow's lab to assess Russia's Corona Vaccine - Saudi-Expatriates.com-

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