Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, August 16, 2020

Schools to resume through E-Learning for 7 Weeks in Saudi Arabia

Students of all levels in Saudi Arabia to resume their new academic year through remote learning for a period of  7 weeks announced the Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al Shaikh. Trending : School teachers to return to work from next week

The decision came after the discussions with the relevant authorities as Saudi Arabia is still confronting the effect of Corona virus Pandemic in the Kingdom. However, their will be an exception for university and technical school students with practical curriculum who are required to attend courses physically. Read : 10 Parks in Riyadh to provide space for walking and recreation

- After the Covid-19 pandemic, Saudi Arabia speed-up the e-learning process through its accredited platform, virtual classes given through a website Vschool.sa. Teacher needs to attend their virtual classroom online, school curriculum will be provided through iEN platform, which is national education website.

- The Ministry of Education and the relevant authorities will evaluate the situation for the rest of the 1st semester after 7 weeks and will decide whether to allow students to return to their classes.

- As per the Education ministry, Intermediate and High school students will begin their school days at 7 AM, while primary schools will begin at 3 PM. The new academic year for schools is about to start from 30th August, 2020. See Also : Saudi Authorities arrested 19 illegal expatriates in Riyadh

Schools to resume through E-Learning for 7 Weeks in Saudi Arabia - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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