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Riyadh ranked 5th in the Arab World for number of CCTV cameras

Riyadh, The capital city of Saudi Arabia has been ranked 5th in the list of CCTV cameras in the Arab world, with 20 cameras per one million people, as per the study conducted by Compareitech Research site. Trending : Hajj Ministry intends to start the preparation of Umrah season

CCTVs (Closed-Circuit TV Surveillance camera) used for many purposed like for the crime prevention, traffic monitoring, observing industrial operations in environments not suitable for humans, The digital age has boosted the generality of CCTV cameras.

- The study revealed that cities of China are under the most CCTV surveillance in the world, However, some cities of UK and India are also surrounded by a large number of cameras. Read : Penalty for smoking at no smoking places in Saudi Arabia

- As per the Research team, they collated a number of data resources and reports including government reports, police websites and news articles to have some idea on the CCTV cameras in use in about 150 major cities across the world.

- The study reveals out of top 20 surveilled cities of the world, 18 cities are from China and 1 city (London) from UK the other city (Hyderabad) are on top 20 cities surveilled through CCTV cameras. See Also : E-Payment service must in restaurants and cafes of Saudi Arabia

- For now, Globally there are 770 million cameras of which 54% belongs to China. The report also reveals the data about the Arab world, Here are the top 5 cities with most CCTV cameras.

1. Baghdad (Iraq) - 16,800 cameras per million people
2. Casablanca (Morocco) - 760 cameras per million people
3. Khartoum (Sudan) - 690 cameras per million people
4. Cairo (Egypt) - 40 cameras per million people
5. Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) - 20 cameras per million people

Riyadh ranked 5th in the Arab World for number of CCTV cameras -

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