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Parents will be Charged, If Children are neglected in Saudi Arabia

The public prosecution in Saudi Arabia reminds Saudi child protection law through its tweet, which criminalizes parents if they do not provide their children with proper family supervision and care. Trending : Riyadh ranked 5th for CCTV cameras in the Arab world

The Public prosecution said, It is the negligence of the parents, If the children left without a guardian's supervision or family care, child exploitation in commercial marketing, exposing the child, directly or indirectly, to information materials that violate morals, criminal material or inappropriate for their age, or that endanger his belief, though or their behavior.

- The prosecution also said, it is negligence and child abuse, if the parents hiring bicycles to the children below 12 years of age, Those who hire out bicycles for children less than 12 years of age will be held responsible for any ensuing harm inflicted on children. Recommend : Ministry of Hajj and Umrah plans for the preparation of Umrah season

- Parents who do not furnish their children with a proper education will be criminalized as per the Article 4 of the Saudi Child Protection Law.

- Parents are responsible to provide schooling and to create appropriate studying conditions for their children. Parents are also responsible to help them learn and protect their children.

- If a parent stops their children from getting an education can also be charged with abuse and neglect under the Saudi Arabia's Child Protection Law. Read : UAE initiates first nuclear power plant of Arab world

- The Saudi Child Protection Law was announced in 2014, in order to protect children's rights. The law says until the age of 18 years a person is considered as child, who needs to be protected from all kinds of harm by family members, school, care homes and public places.

- Parents must arrange their children formal identification papers, education, vaccinations as per the Health Ministry and provide a safe home. In case of any one of these basic rights is neglected parents will be charged. See Also : Few interesting facts about Hajj pilgrimage

Parents will be Charged, If Children are neglected in Saudi Arabia -

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