Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Kuwait to stop issuing work permits and Visa Extensions for above 60 years Expats

Kuwait to stop issuing work permits for expatriates above 60 years without their degrees and is not going to extend any residencies and visas after 31st August 2020, the announced decision is going to impact thousand of Kuwait expatriates. Trending : 70% of Saudization in Retail and Wholesale outlets of 9 key sectors

The report from Kuwait Times also reported that, Work permits for above 60 years of age expats will not be issued from 1st January 2021, unless they submit their university degrees. Recommend : Saudi Arabia issues permits to thousands of Drones

- The new rules are likely part of Kuwait's government plan to cut the overall number of expatriates in the Kuwait by almost 360,000 workers. As per this plan, 150,000 of these will be expats who are over 60 years of age.

- Earlier, Kuwait's Interior Ministry had been allowing expats both within Kuwait and outside the country to renew their residencies online and remain outside Kuwait for up to 1 year, instead of normal 6 months, without residencies being cancelled. However, this facility is going to expire by 31st August. See Also : Woman arrested in Bahrain for destroying Hindu idol in a store

- Currently, Expats makes 70% of the country population, Kuwait authorities have been proceeding with legislation to cut the number of expatriates in the country. In July, a panel vowed to find a solution to cut expatriates after criticism was leveled at the government for falling to come up with its plan to reduce expat numbers.

Kuwait to stop issuing work permits and Visa Extensions for above 60 years Expats -

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