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The Commitment of People has Contributed greatly in Decline of Corona cases - Health Ministry

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia Dr. Muhammad Al Abd Al-Aali said the commitment of the people has contributed greatly to the decline in Corona virus infections in Saudi Arabia. Scientists are following the pandemic, and monitoring whether there are other waves. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia calls to sight Dhu Al Hijjah month crescent on Monday evening

- The transmission of the virus through food has not been seen scientifically and not yet proven, However, he said we need to be careful when dealing with tools that contain food, as they may be contaminated with the virus and cause transmission if the person touches the eye or nose with his hand.

- He revealed Unlimited support to the health sector, contributed to the achievement Health security levels in Saudi Arabia for all those in need in all regions and for all groups. Recommend : 60% of workers in private sector to benefit from Health fund

- Al-Aali said that it is not excluded that there will be other waves for the spread of the corona virus, but it does not expect these waves to come with the strength of the wave, pointing out that studies on the matter are continuing.

- Do not harm those around you by transmitting the infection. When you feel any of the symptoms of Corona, isolate yourself directly and go to the nearest Tataman Clinics around you.

- In response to tone the queries received on Twitter he said that the recent decrease in the number of people infected with the virus is a natural reflection of returning to normal life with caution and taking all precautionary measures.

- Saudi Arabia recovered 78.8% of Corona virus infections, which is 197,735 cases from 250,920 Corona cases with 2,486 deaths as per the the dashboard of the Ministry of Health Today. Trending : Saudi Arabia recovered more than 78% Corona cases

Ministry of Health Spokesperson in Saudi Arabia -

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