Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, June 6, 2020

Two people arrested in Saudi Arabia for dealing with Fake Currency online on Social Media

Saudi police have arrested 2 people in Riyadh, who involved in promoting fake currency money on social media reports Saudi Press Agency (SPA). Trending : Mosques closed in Jeddah for 15 days after the city records more critical cases

Both the arrested persons proven involved in doing the illegal business in complicity with a 3rd person living outside Saudi Arabia, According to the spokesperson for the Riyadh region police Col. Chaker Al Tuwijri.

- As per the sources, The arrested people are a Jordanian national and a Saudi citizen, Police got about 500,000 fake US dollars from them. See Also : Reasons for re-imposing curfew in Jeddah and not in Riyadh even after many more cases

- They were arrested and all legal procedures have been taken against them and referred to the public prosecution for further action said Al Tuwijiri.

It is suggested for everyone, Stop purchasing or any other dealings related to money on social media, As most of them are found to be cheaters or fraudsters. Do not ever share your personal details or contact details or bank account details with unknown persons, especially on social media or on calls or messages. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia's hospitals ranks in leading hospitals of Arab world

Saudi Arabia arrested 2 people for dealing with Fake money online on Social Media -

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