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New schedule of Trains between Riyadh and Dammam with 350 trips in a Week

The Minister of Transport, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Railways Corporation, Eng. Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser, Today inaugurated, the new train schedule for the Railways during his visit to the passenger train station in Riyadh. Trending : Tourism ministry in Saudi Arabia targets 260,000 jobs in 3 years

After the new train schedule, the weekly number of trains for passengers increased to 350 between stations of Riyadh, Dammam, Hofouf and Abqaiq. A total of 78 new trips for a week compared to the previous 272 trips.

- This results in an increase rate by 31% and with this the total number of available seats becomes about 62,000 seats compared to earlier 47,000 seats, indicating that the new schedule trains will start from Sunday, 12 July 2020. Recommend : 17 expatriates in Riyadh arrested for fraud sim cards on others identities

- The Transport minister confirmed that the arrival of railways is in final stages of the Hofuf station development project, it includes rehabilitation of entrances, ticket sales offices, passengers waiting hall and service facilities.

- As well as raising the capabilities of the station in order to achieve the criteria of a 'comprehensive access program' to serve the customers with disabilities, by adding a pedestrian bridge between the terminal and 4 elevators to facilitate the transportation of wheel chair travelers.

- The Minister reviewed during his visit, the readiness of the station and its facilities and observance of the strictest standards of precautionary measures to prevent the new Corona virus and limit the opportunities for its spread and to ensure the safety of citizens and resident expatriates of the station visitors and travelers on the trains. Most Viewed : Retail activities must provide e-payment system by 25th August

- He also reviewed all the measures taken by the railways to ensure the safety of passengers and workers by applying all approved procedures to make sure that the necessary physical distance between the passengers at the station and on the trains is achieved.

- The visit witnessed the Minister of Transport inspecting the measures taken on the train cars, listened to a brief explanation about the mechanism used to sterilize the train cars, distributing the passenger seats diagonally, and prohibiting the use of adjacent seats to achieve compliance with the precautionary measures and preventive measures set by the competent authorities. See Also : Conditions for Sponsorship transfer of worker without current employer consent

- It is noteworthy that the railways resumed their flights amid large demand for available seats on its trains, and the railways provided transportation service between Riyadh and the Eastern region, representing 50% of the capacity of the trains, as part of the preventive measures set by the General Transport Authority.

New schedule of Trains between Riyadh and Dammam with 350 trips in a Week - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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