Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, June 29, 2020

17 Expatriates arrested in Riyadh for Fraud Sim cards on names of Citizens and Expats without their Knowledge

The Riyadh region police arrested a gang of 17 residents, who was involved in defrauding citizens, residents, and a dealer with sim strips.

The media spokesman for the Riyadh police, Colonel Shaker Al-Tuwaijri, stated that the security follow-up to combat fraud crimes resulted in the Criminal Investigation and Research Division able to overthrow a neurotic formation consisting of 17 expatriate residents belong to Egyptian, Syrian, Yemeni, and Bangladeshi nationalities, after their involvement in defrauding citizens and residents through the practice of mediation activity to issue vehicle insurance documents at prices that exceed their approved value from the authorized companies.

- In addition to their trading in sim cards registered in the names of citizens and residents without their knowledge, Where they took two apartments in the neighborhoods of Aziziyah and work in Riyadh, the headquarters of their crimes.

- He said 9000 SIM cards were seized in their possession for a number of companies, and (3) devices for authenticating them, in addition to computers and scanning devices. The accused were arrested and regular procedures were taken against them. To refer them to the Public Prosecution.

17 Expatriates arrested in Riyadh for Fraud Sim cards on others Names - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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