Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, May 3, 2020

Saudi Police arrested a Citizen for spreading rumor on reopening of Mosque

Saudi police arrested a citizen who appeared in a video clip online saying that a date has been set for allowing the faithful to prayer in mosques still closed after the spread of coronavirus reports Saudi Press Agency. Trending : About 26 Nepalis infected with Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia

The spokesperson for the Riyadh region police said Thanks be to Allah, for resulted in identifying and arresting the person, who share a video online spreading rumors about the measures taken to stop the spread of coronavirus and his claims about setting a date for allowing prayers in mosques and changing the curfew timings, security scrutiny.

- The suspected man is in his 40's, All the legal measures have been applied on him and refer him to the public prosecution for further action reported Gulf News. Recommend : Rise in expats remittances by 6% in the first quarter of 2020

- Authorities in Saudi Arabia have repeatedly warned against spreading the false rumors harming public order or social media as the Kingdom is trying hard to fight with the Covid-19.

- Violating the public order by spreading the rumors will face up to 5 years jail term with a maximum fine of 3 million Saudi Riyals.

- Saudi Arabia closed its mosques and imposed a nationwide curfew as part of ongoing strict measures against the spreading of deadly novel coronavirus. See Also : Check Exit Re-Entry visa status online with Muqeem

- Earlier this week Saudi King ordered lifting the curfew partially and allowing people to move out in between 9 AM to 5 PM allover the Kingdom till May 14, except in Makkah and some isolated neighborhoods where 24 hours curfew will continue until further notice.

Saudi Police arrested a Citizen for spreading rumor on reopening of Mosque

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