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Up to 10,000 SR fine for Violating Workers Housing rules as per Health regulations

Saudi Arabia introduced new rules on workers housing, Employers who did not obey or violated to be fined between 5,000 SR to 10,000 SR, The penalties to be multiplied in case of repeating the violations as per the approved health rules and regulations for housing of workers from the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs. Trending : Beauticians, Barbers, Private Tutors are not allowed to enter homes during Coronavirus

As part of the precautionary measures taken by the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) in order to curb the spread of Coronavirus, The following rules and regulations introduced

1. There should be separate housing units for male and female workers, regardless of whether they are owned or rented. A minimum space of 12 square meters for the accommodation of each worker in order to maintain the social distance. Most Viewed : Driving license renewal with medical examination via Absher during Coronavirus

2. Responsible persons for the work or supervisors must inform the health authorities in case of any infectious diseases to any of his workers and furnish catering hall with number of tables and chairs, it should be washed and sterilized regularly.

3. The accommodation for bachelors should not be in residential areas of families, It should be away at least 500 meters away from schools or dormitories of girls, it should be on main road surrounding the neighborhood, Approval must be needed from municipality for constructing or renting bachelors accommodation. See Also : King Salman issues new package to help Private sector

4. The accommodation should take care of natural health factors like fresh air, exposure to sunlight, free from dust, gases, fumes and unpleasant smells. At the entrance there should be board mentioning the company name and address, It should be away from cemeteries. The ground floor should be on a higher elevation and should not face any issues of flooding with water, It should be with the availability of water and electricity.

5. The accommodation must be away from the work place especially in polluted areas like gases, dust, smell, liquid or solid or waste or any harmful for health and shall be within the boundaries of urban area. Recommend : 6 Months temporary registration granted to all health practitioners

Ministry of Municipality in Saudi introduced new rules for Bachelors accommodation - Saudi-ExpatriatesCOm

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