Posted by : Aahil Shaik Thursday, April 16, 2020

In support of Health Sector, 6 months Temporary registration was granted to all Health Practitioners

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties announced the granting of a 6 months temporary registration for all health practitioners applying for professional classification without requiring that they pass the classification test, provided that the practitioner completes the registration procedures and passes the test after the end of the temporary registration. Trending : Saudi King issues new package to support the private sector on impact of coronavirus

This step is part of the second phase of the gratitude initiative launched by the authority during this period to support health practitioners and the health sector. Recommend : Saudi Arabia is producing more than 3.7 million masks to fight coronavirus

The director of the media department and the official spokesperson for the authority, Fahd Al-Qathami, said that this step comes in support of the Health Specializations Authority for the great national efforts being made to combat the Covid-19 virus, and an appreciation of the important health practitioner’s role in addressing this pandemic.

- Noting that the authority was keen to benefit from all Means to increase the number of qualified health practitioners during this period without waiving professional standards that guarantee patient safety. See Also : Ban on barbers, beauticians, private tutors from bringing home in Saudi Arabia after Coronavirus

- He pointed out that the authority will send the temporary registration via e-mail to all health practitioners who have existing classification requests and have submitted their applications to the electronic written test until the date of 1st July 2020, asking the Almighty to protect this precious country from all ill and to reunite the health heroes, All workers in other sectors are making great efforts to combat this pandemic.

6 months Temporary Registration was granted to all Health Practitioners

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