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Procedure to Extend Exit-Re-Entry visas of Expats who are outside Saudi Arabia

The Jawazat in Saudi Arabia announced the online procedure for the extension of exit re-entry visas of expatriates or their family members, who are currently not in Saudi Arabia. However for expat workers it should be from employer and head of the family in case of dependents. Trending : Extend Exit Re-Entry of Dependents through Absher online

The extension of exit re-entry visas can be applied through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ports (MOFA) by visiting the link

Things to be followed in order to extend the visa, By requriring all below

1. Specify the period of extension required

2. Fill up the form online via above link and validate it.

3. Iqama should be valid until the period of extension.

4. The filled data should be matched with the applicant passport.

- Name of the applicant must be in English for non Arab countries.

- All fields must be in Arabic, Except Name for non Arab countries. See Also : Expat who spitting Coronavirus on shopping trolley can face death penalty

There will not be any expat fee until June 30, This will also applicable to extension of Iqama, exit re-entry visa and final exit visa. Extension can be made through Absher and Muqeem portals of the Ministry of Interior and there is no need to visit Jawazat offices.

- Employers who issued final exit visas to their workers after expiry of iqama must cancel their final exit, so that there stay will be extended for a period of 3 months without payment of expat fee.

- Jawazat called all expats to cancel their final exit visas and re-entry visas before it expires, in order to avoid any fine or penalty. Read : Saudi King orders free treatment for every Coronavirus patient in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to Extend Re Entry visa for Expats outside Saudi Arabia - Saudi-ExpatriatesCom

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