Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, April 27, 2020

Conditions to follow during opening of Stores and Shopping Malls in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has given some strict new rules to follow for the reopening of retail stores and shopping malls in Saudi Arabia during the non curfew period, Below are the few regulations on it. Trending : Saudi Arabia lifts Curfew partially

* Customers must follow social distancing all the time during shopping or purchasing, No gathering or crowding

* Children below 15 years are not allowed to enter shopping malls or stores

* Entertainment venues such as cinemas, play areas and arcades, prayer rooms and changing rooms to be closed. See Also : Saudi Arabia signs 995 million riyals deal with China to conduct 9 million Coronavirus tests

* Payments of the purchases should be electronically instead of cash

* Exchange or return of items are not allowed once sold

* Elevators can be used only if a shopping center has no escalators or stairs, At a time only two people allowed

* Customers as well as employees must wear Face Masks

* Shopping mall operators must provide enough security staff to make sure all the visitors strictly following the rules

* No rest areas, benches and chairs. Recommend : No internet data required to Mawid service of Ministry of Health

* No valet parking

* Temperatures of the visitor must checked at entrances, Anyone with above 38 degrees Celsius is not permitted to enter

* Gloves and masks must be available at all times for visitors at mall and shopping center entrances, security must ensure to everyone wear masks for entrance

* In case of suspected Coronavirus, The person must be placed in isolation room and notify the health authorities immediately.

* Number of customers at each shop should be kept at rate of 1 client per 10 square meters. See Also : Jawazat response on the possibility of extending expired exit re-entry visa during Coronavirus outbreak

* Entries shall be organized, some customers will have to wait outside if the density has reached its maximum level

* Periodic sterilization of shopping trolleys and baskets and covering of goods should be ensured while transporting

* In case of Covid-19 symptoms in any employee, ask him to self isolate and grant sick leave.

* Must be flexibility in changing employees shifts to minimize mingling among employees. Read : Ministry of Health advise to follow after lifting curfew partially in Saudi Arabia

* Sterilization of the whole facility is must every 24 hours

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