Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Awdah service is available for Several Countries citizens holding valid Visa of Saudi Arabia

The "Awdah" service initiative from Ministry of Interior's Absher portal is available to the citizens of the below listed countries residing legally in Saudi Arabia and having Exit re-Entry or Final Exit visas, This services allows expats to return to their home countries after submitting their details online in "Awdah" service. Trending : International and domestic flights will remained suspended until further notice

All kind of Visit visa and Tourist visa holders of Saudi Arabia from the below listed countries can also apply into "Awdah" service by entering their border number instead of iqama number for returning back to their home countries. Those who do not have exit re-entry visas can obtain from their employers. Here are the benefited list of countries for "Awdah" service as of now.

1. Egypt
2. Pakistan
3. Indonesia
4. India
5. Philippines
6. Bangladesh
7. Nigeria
8. Afghanistan
9. Tunisia

- Those who applied for this service need to purchase the ticket and go to the airport on the specified date. See Also : Lifting Curfew partially does not mean danger is over - Minister of Health

- The reservation text message received on your phone from Absher is a travel permit that allows you to go to the Airport before the flight date, You can print all the data from the platform.

Conditions :

1. The Applicant fingerprints must be registered in the system.

2. The Applicant must hold valid visa

3. The Applicant must have a valid passport. Read : Saudi Banks and remittance centers to operate during partial curfew

4. The Applicant should not have any legal fines on their records.

5. The destination should be within the countries included in the initiative platform.

Awdah service is available for Several Countries citizens holding valid Visa

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