Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, March 9, 2020

Saudi Arabia to fine with upto 500,000 Riyals for failing to declare Accurate Health Details

Saudi Arabia announced that it would impose a fine of 500,000 Saudi Riyals equivalent to 133,000 US dollars on those who failed to disclose or declare accurate health related information at its entry points in the Kingdom, The transport professionals will be held responsible for any fallout from their violations. Trending : 15 Coronavirus cases reported in Saudi Arabia

The step comes as part of strict measures being taken by Saudi Arabia to contain the spread of deadly novel coronavirus (Covid-19). In concern to protect the health of its citizens and residents and to ensure the safety. Recommend : Ministry of Education suspends all private and public schools in Saudi Arabia

- Earlier Today, Saudi Government has closed off air and sea travel to 9 countries affected by new coronavirus in the Middle East, One of the official in the Ministry of Interior said the suspension is temporary. Most of the airlines flights belong to these 9 countries suspended its all flights to and from Saudi Arabia until further notice.

- The virus usually leaves people with mild to moderate symptoms, as its new, experts are unable to say in sure how far it will spread and how much damage it will do in terms of health and global economy. See Also : Saudi Arabia restricts 9 countries into Kingdom, Airlines suspended flights

- Saudi Aramco share fell by 10%, After Saudi Arabia slashed its official selling prices for crude and set out plans for dramatic increase in oil production next month, prompting a sharp drop in prices. Shares in Aramco were trading 28 riyals below its initial public offering price of 32 riyals.

Saudi Arabia to fine Upto 500,000 for not declaring Correct Health Details

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