Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, March 6, 2020

Indian Rupee falls to 1 Year Low against US Dollar & Saudi Riyal

The Indian Rupee falls to one year low against Saudi Riyals and US Dollars after fresh Coronavirus case in the country, Early morning it started with positive note and the strained and settle in loss Today. Trending : Saudi bans Umrah pilgrimage temporarily

The rupee started gaining with its initial gains and settled fifty Paise down at 73.89 against the dollar and 19.69 against Saudi Riyals after its two fresh new cases of Coronavirus detected in the country. The two new cases are in Delhi and Telangana. Read : Work visa, Visit visa and Business visa holders are allowed in Saudi Arabia

- The Rupee is now 73.89 against a US Dollar and 19.69 against a Saudi Riyal. The Rupee was the only losing currency among Asian currencies. It is expected that the Rupee to remain under pressure against US Dollar and Saudi Riyals amid weaker economic data and foreign fund flows.

- The Indian Health Ministry said 31 positive cases of the novel Coronavirus, Including Italian Tourists who visited country from Italy and the other one is in Telanaga, 2 in Delhi, 1 in Jaipur and onea of the patient was visited from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The number of deaths around the world with coronavirus now crossed 3000. See Also : Ministry of Hajj and Umrah launched online refunds of Umrah visas fee after suspension

- Forex Traders referred that the Rupee was about to start the gain with a positive note, witnessed heavy volatility and finally fall down with loss after the announcement of Coronavirus in India.

Indian Rupee falls to 1 Year Low against Dollar Riyal

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