Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, February 28, 2020

No Ban for entries into Saudi Arabia for Work Visa, Visit Visa, Family Visa, Business Visit Visa holders

The authorities in Saudi Arabia confirmed that passenger who are holding employment visa, work visit visa, business visit visa and family visit visa are not included in the travel restrictions imposed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

All the above visa holders are not ban from entering into Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian Airlines confirmed it in a statement received from the concerned authorities of the Kingdom. Saudi Jawazat said all the multiple visit visa holders, who are out of the Kingdom can comeback to Saudi Arabia. Trending : Saudi Arabia temporarily suspends Umrah pilgrimage on fear of Corona-Virus.

- However, They are allowed only if they did not visit any of the countries infected by the new Corona-Virus within two weeks before their arrival to Saudi Arabia.

- All the nationals of GCC States have to use their passports for entering or exiting from the Kingdom instead of their National Identity card. Those who entered into Saudi Arabia only with National ID will be allowed to travel to their home countries without passports.

- All the Tourists visas of Saudi Arabia are suspended for the countries like China, Iran, Italy, Japan, Macao, Hong Kong, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Iraq, India, Paksitan, Indonesia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Thailand, Singapore, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Vietnam, Kazakistan, Uzebekistan and Azerbaijan. Read : Pakistan International Airlines announcement

- The Ministry of Tourism suspended all the previously issued tourist visas for the citizens of 7 countries including China, Japan, Italy, Korea, Kazakhistan and Singapore. The Tourist visa holders are barred from entering into Makkah and Madina.

- Tourist visa holders can call the phone number 00966920000890 from outside of Saudi Arabia to confirm with the Ministry if they are allowed to visit Kingdom or not. Especially, Americans, British and Schengen visa holders. See Also : Saudi Arabia suspendes travel to Iran after CoronaVirus

- Saudi Arabia and the Ministry of Tourism confirmed these suspensions are temporary only and the authorities to evaluate on subject in the coming time. The Kingdom is trying its best to stop the spread of the Corona-Virus into the country.

No Suspension of Entries for Work Visa, Visit VIsa, Family Visa and Business visa holders

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