Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, July 4, 2020

Saudization of Pharmacy Jobs in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has issued a ministerial decision to slowly localize the pharmacy profession with the help of Ministry of Health in two phases. Trending : Iqama renewal fee from 2020 in Saudi Arabia

The first phase of Saudization in Pharmacy profession will ensure to localize jobs with 20% of the workforce, It is going to effect from 22nd July 2020 all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Read : Indian Government clarifies on NRI Tax for Saudi Arabia Expats

- The second phase of localizing Pharmacy jobs to 30% to start from 11th July 2021 all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- The decision will be implemented in institutions where there are 5 or more expatriates working on the Pharmacy profession with exception to "Pharmaceutical Product Marketing Specialists" in Pharmaceutical companies, drug agents, distributors and factories which were subject to a localization decision issued by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). See Also : Saudi Airports takes precautionary measures after Coronavirus

- It is mentioned that these ministerial decisions come in implementation of the health agreement in the private sector in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Human Resources Development Fund "Hadaf" and the Saudi Council of Chambers as a representative of the private sector, where this agreement aims to resettle 40 thousand jobs in the private health sector, and comes to achieve the goals of the initiative "Localization of the professions" is one of the Ministry's initiatives.

Pharmacy Jobs to be slowly Localized in Saudi Arabia

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