Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, January 6, 2020

The Philippine President calls Emergency meeting to evacuate its Nationals from Middle East

Philippines prepares to evacuate its nationals from Middle East, As per the International news, Philippine President Dutrete has ordered its military officials to get ready with equipment to help evacuates its nationals from the Middle East in case of conflicts break out suddenly. Trending : Filipinos are banned to work in these 25 countries

The President has called for an emergency meeting with the Philippine defense officials to discuss how United States and Iran tensions could impact the safety of its citizens living and working in the Middle East, especially from Iran and Iraq. See Also : New rules on domestic workers in Saudi Arabia

- The Philippine leader has called Congress for a special meeting to ensure that there are stand-by funds in case the Filipinos in the Middle East have to be repatriated. He said he is nervous, Iran seems to be bent on a retaliation, which he think will come, Its a matter of time he stated.

- Filipinos are living and working in the largest numbers in the Middle East, According to the sources, Every year there are one million Filipinos go to work there. It is also the largest source of cash remittance from overseas as per the data revealed by central bank. Read : OFWs can now travel to 63 countries without visa

- The department of defense in the Philippines said there are about 6000 Filipino citizens in Iraq and 1600 in Iran.

Philippines prepares to evacuate its Nationals from Middle East

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