Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, May 25, 2019

Saudi Arabia sets new rules on  recruitment companies of domestic workers

New rules on recruitment companies of domestic workers in Saudi Arabia starting from 1st July 2019, It is mandatory for owners of recruitment companies to document electronically through Musaned online service about new contracts signed with clients. Similar : Strict punishment for violence on domestic workers

Any contracts for recruitment of domestic workers executed outside the Musaned program will be invalid revealed the Ministry Of Labor and Social Development.

- 30% fine on recruitment offices for not following the conditions of domestic workers like worker should arrive within 90 days of signed contract. It is also mandatory for recruitment offices to receive the workers from airport and accommodate them within the contract period.

- Its the duty of recruitment offices to provide accommodation to the domestic workers, in order to protect the workers and to save the expenses incurred by the state owned accommodation facilities, which is about 50 million Saudi Riyals annually.

- The recruitment offices will pass the accommodation fees not exceeding 50 SR per day to the Kafeel or sponsor. However, the first day when the workers arrives, there should not be charges. Recommend :  You cannot image world without Filipinos

- The recruitment offices are expected to provide services for workers in their accommodation facilities including giving clothes to them beside training courses.

- The number of recruitment companies in Saudi Arabia are setting up an accommodations company with a capital amount of 20 million Saudi Riyals. However, The Eastern Province is still not ready to receive workers in their accommodation facilities said one of the owner of recruitment company. Similar : A Saudi family gives farewell to domestic worker

- There are 3 categories of recruitment companies A, B and C. A category to provide accommodation as per the conditions, while B category offices will do with less conditions and C category companies are not obliged to provide accommodation. Majority of the companies are registered in A and B categories.

- Bank guarantees for Category A company is 1 million SR, for Category B is 750,000 SR and for Category C is 450,000 SR, Category C will focus on hiring domestic workers only, recruitment offices would cooperate with each other to set up joint accommodations. See Also : Salary cards to domestic workers

- As per the expectation the new fine will lead to 70% rise in the bill in the new contracts, Recruitment offices have objected to the decision are set to send a letter to the Ministry.


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