Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, December 13, 2019

A Saudi man had arrested for throwing Shoe at Women for not Covering Face

Saudi Police had arrested a man for throwing a shoe at a woman, as she appeared without covering her face, The man had a long beard, was seen in a viral video standing in a street calling "adulteress" any woman who appeared without niqab.

One seeing one of woman without face covered, he removed his shoe and throwed at the female, who run from the spot in shock. This incident is of Yanbu near one of shopping mall.

- After the incident video became viral on social media, it drew quite outrage online asking authorities to take action against the man.

- Saudi Police in Yanbu identified and arrested the man, The police launched legal proceedings against him. As per the local media the man suffers from a mental illness and he has been responsible for simple assaults previous also.

- This year, Saudi Arabia launched Tourist Visa for foreigners, They also loosen the rules against women by telling the tourists, They need not to wear Abaya, Modest clothes are enough to be in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi man throws Shoe at Woman for not Covering Face

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