Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Saudi Arabia cancels 'Yellow' category of Saudization Nitaqat System

No more 'Yellow' category in the Nitaqat system of Saudi Arabia from 27th Jan 2020 announced the Minister of Labor and Social Development, All the companies which are in Yellow category will be transmit to Red category. Related : Know the services of Red and Yellow category of Nitaqat system

The decision of cancelling the Yellow category from Saudi Arabia's Nitaqat system is to encourage companies falled in this category to move to the 'Green' or 'Platinum' category by hiring more Saudi nationals on the jobs.

- In order to get all the services from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, all the establishments should make sure they are on 'Green' or 'Platinum' category. Read : Procedure to check your company Nitaqat color

- 'Red' and 'Yellow' categories are unsafe categories, Services from the Ministry of Labor are limited to these categories. The categories of Nitaqat colors are rated according to the employment of Saudis in the company.

- The Red category of Nitaqat system contains the lowest an worst entities in Saudization, while the Yellow category includes entities that did not achieve the required Saudization ratio. Similar : Balanced Nitaqat system of Saudi Arabia

No more 'Yellow' category in Saudi Arabia's Nitaqat System

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