Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, January 6, 2017


A new (mawzoon) balanced nitaqat system is on the way in Saudi Arabia, It will end the dominance of expat employees and cover the unemployment rate of Saudi's. All the old rules and regulations will be canceled if it clashes with the new mawzoon system.

Earlier it was enough to include Saudi name in the list of the company to be benefited from nitaqat, Now it is no more enough in the new balanced nitaqat system, Now it is necessary to mention amount of salary, years of service, percentage of women employees and job professions of Saudi citizens. Recommend : Expats with above 60 years counts 2 in Nitaqat

The revised balanced nitaqat system is part of the Vision 2030 reforms and it will

- Balance the labor market of Kingdom

- Improve the situation of job market Similar :  Check Nitaqat color iqama red green

- Boost the employment quality and reduce the unemployment of Saudi's.

- Create suitable jobs for Saudi citizens (Men & Women)

- Attractive working environment for employees

- Increase the rate of employment for women

- End to unproductive Saudization

After the success of Saudization, Most of the companies are in secure level, However it is necessary to reduce the unemploymet rate of nationals. Private companies should offer more jobs to Saudi to be in green nitaqat zone. Related : Nitaqat system and categories

New revised balanced (mawzoon) nitaqat system will be in 3 categories

- Companies with 50 to 99 employees See Also : Saudi Wage protection system
- Firms with 100 to 199 employees and
- Organizations with 200 to 499 workers 

It is not clear about the firms with less than 49 employees and more than 500 employees, However as per MOL the existing nitaqat will remain same, Except the rules which clashes with new balanced nitaqat system. Read this :  Taxis to reduce in Saudi Arabia


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