Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Ministry of Finance said there is "No change in Expat Fee or Dependent Fee in Saudi Arabia"

As per the Ministry of Finance there is No change in expat or dependent fee of expatriates in this year or next year. The ministry said the State would continue implementing initiatives aimed at developing and diversifying sources of non oil revenues. See Also : Airport Tax of 10 SR on domestic travelers in Saudi Arabia

According to the Saudi Gazette report, The ministry said the fee on expat workers and their dependents will continue as planned earlier. There is no change in expat levy or dependent fee or the selective tax on sweetened bevarages which is going to effect from December 2019. Read : Is wearing shorts allowed in Saudi Arabia?

- The Government is going to continue its periodic adjustments to energy prices in order to reach its benchmark levels for contributing the use of resources and reorient subsidies to its beneficiaries.

- The report also said that Ministry expects the revenue of 833 billion Saudi Riyals for the year 2020 compared to 917 billion Saudi Riyals in the year 2019. Trending : Car ownership transfer soon through Absher

- The dependent fee of 300 SR to continue this year till June 2020 and from 1st July 2020 it is going to increase to 400 SR.

- While for companies they have to pay 800 SR on each epxat where they have more or equal number of expatriates and 700 SR where the expatriates are less than the Saudi nationals. Related : Dependent fee or Companion Fee as per Jawazat system

- As per The General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT), A selective tax of 50% on bevarages harmful to health starting from 1st December 2019 in Saudi Arabia as per the decision of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

No change in Expat fee or Dependent Fee - Ministry of Finance

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