Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, November 2, 2019

Transferring Car Ownership soon through online Absher

Expatriates and citizens of Saudi Arabia will no longer need to visit offices to transfer their vehicle ownership to someone, as soon it will be done through portal of Absher electronic service.

Selling, buying and transfer of ownership through Absher service, However the other ownership related to trade activities of companies and organizations will be still done through the showrooms.

- Ministry Of Interior's Absher service is already providing a number of services including inquiry and the validity of vehicle insurance and the validity of car registration and traffic violations.

- Absher service is continuously improving its services and all bringing online without visiting offices, In the last 2 months, Absher introduced many new services including extension of the business visit, issuance of final exit visa and the signal service for the deaf and dumb.

- Around 13.5 million expatriates and citizens are using Absher service, which is providing about 180 services online around the clock, It was started on 2005 now linked about 26 ministries services and government departments.

Car Ownership Transfer through online Absher soon

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