Posted by : Aahil Shaik Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Host Visa of 90 days for Expats and Citizens to become reality soon in Saudi Arabia

Host visa with validity of 90 days to become reality soon in Saudi Arabia, Host visa allows expatriates and citizens to host people under their sponsorship. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and Jawazat are carrying out studies about the new service "Host Visa". Recommend : Expats with iqama can host guests

An expatriate or resident of Saudi Arabia can host from 3 to 5 pilgrims, while citizens can host anyone in this visa. However, Expatriates can only bring close relatives as per the revealed sources.

- The host visa is about to cost 500 SR per person for a year, The same person can be brought to Saudi Arabia at least 3 times in a year with separate visas for each travel.

- There is no condition on these host visa visitors, whether they can stay in hotel or furnished apartment or in the homes along with their sponsors in their residential apartments. See Also : Abaya is not mandatory for  Foreign women in KSA

- These host visa visitors can travel freely in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and can participate in tourist activities. However the data of the guest visitors will be stored in the Civil Status registry of citizensa and Absher protal of expatriates.

- The host visa guests are the responsibility of their sponsors (Citizens or Expats), They should take care and serve them until they return back to their home country. Read : Tourists can visit multiple times in a year on Saudi Tourist Visa

Saudi Expats and Citizens can host guests for 90 days on Host Visa soon

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