Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, October 6, 2019

Saudi Arabia dropped restrictions on Foreing Men and Women from Sharing Hotel rooms

Saudi Arabia dropped restrictions on Tourists men and women on sharing hotel rooms together without proving that they are related after the historic launch of Tourist Visas for all. Similar : Saudi Tourists can visit multiple times in a year

Before the launch of Saudi Arabia's Tourist Visas it was restricted that women can only rent a hotel with his Mahram, Mahram is a person whom the women cannot marry. Now this restriction is lifted to attract the foreign tourists. Read : Saudi businesses will be allowed to work for 24 hours from Jan 2020

- Housing or renting of a hotel without Mahram is allowed now, whether they are Saudi National or a foreigner, However Saudi nationals need to provide their identity document at the time of renting, where this is not required for Tourists .

- Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia dropped wearing Black robes (Abaya) for foreigners, However the government asked to wear modest dressing in public, to respect the culture and tradition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Related : Saudi Arabia dropped restrictions of wearing Abaya for foreign women

- However, the rule of hotel room for the below age of 18 years is not permitted, unless they are accompanied by their family members or legal guardian.

Saudi Arabia dropped restrictions on Foreign Men and Women from sharing hotel rooms

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