Jul 12, 2019

Saudi Arabia has largest Gold reserves in Arab world

Saudi Arabia has topped in the Arab world and 16th in worldwide ranking for 323 tonnes of largest gold reserves. Trending : Saudi Arabia launches Gold card to attract international talent

After which Lebanon with 286.8 tonnes, Algeria with 173.6 tonnes, Libya with 116.6 tonnes, Iraq with 96.3 tonnes and Kuwait with 79 tonnes of gold reserve in Arab region. Similar : Expats are not allowed to work in Gold and Jewelry shops in Saudi Arabia

- India at 10th place with 600 tonnes of gold reserve, Pakistan with 64.6 tonnes, Philippines with 197.9 tonnes, Bangladesh with 14 tonnes, Sri Lanka with 19.9 tonnes, Indonesia with 78.5 tonnes and Nepal with 6.4 tonnes of gold reserve.

- Other Arab countries are also in the list, Jordan with 43.5 tonnes, Qatar with 37.5 tonnes, Syria with 25.8 tonnes, Morocco with 22.1 tonnes, UAE with 7.5 tonnes, Tunisia with 6.8 tonnes, Bahrain with 4.7 tonnes, Yemen with 1.6 tonnes and Oman with 0.02 tonnes of gold reserve. Read : Top 10 weakest currencies of the world

- The United States of America topped in the list of largest gold reserves with 8,133.5 tonnes of gold, After which Germany comes with 3,367.9 tonnes, Italy with 2451.8 tonnes, France with 2436 tonnes, Russia with 2119.20 tonnes and China with 1,864.3 tonnes of gold.

Saudi Arabia has largest Gold reserves in Arab world

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