Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, August 6, 2019

More than 2 Million Pilgrims arrived so far from all over the world including Saudi Arabia to perform their Hajj rituals this year

The number of Hajj pilgrims arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from all over the world so far to perform their Hajj rituals this year reached nearly 2.1 million (2,096,023). Trending : Indonesian Grandfather gets invitation from Saudi King Salman to perform Hajj after his viral video

The total number of pilgrims arrived so far by air, land and sea ports reached 1,775,041 as per the statistics issued by the Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat). Recommend : Saudi Arabia is finalizing regulations on temporary visas for expats

- In which 1,664,974 pilgrims arrived by air, while 92,844 pilgrims arrived by land and 17,223 pilgrims arrived by the sea way.

- Till The Arafat day of Hajj 1440, The number of pilgrims are expected to reach 2 million including domestic pilgrims of Saudi Arabia. Last year 2018, Nearly 2.4 million pilgrims arrived in Makkah to witness the Hajj 1439 including the locals of Saudi Arabia. Read : 1 million free internet sim cards for Hajj pilgrims at Jeddah airport

Million pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia to witness their Hajj this year

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