Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, August 7, 2020

Life in Saudi Arabia 45 years ago, Experience of an Expat

An expat who stayed in Saudi Arabia for 44 years is now leaving his home town at the age of 70, He has seen all the dry winds blowing in deserts to its transformation to a powerful and wealthy nation today. Most Viewed : Thank you Saudi Arabia for giving us life

He witnessed kerosene lamps, petromax lights, street lamps and water being carried on donkey carts, struggled to send urgent messages home in those days. Recommend : Little boy emotional letter to his dead mom

- Today's digital dependent generation may not know how their predecessors struggled to find jobs and live in the desert Kingdom decades ago.

- Earlier, There was no regular and effective communication like Today, whether its in Saudi Arabia or in home country, It was difficult task to locate any newly arriving our friend or family member on jobs during those days. See Also : Benefits of bringing family in Saudi Arabia

- In case of emergency in home, NRIs to use Indian postal letters and hand over to someone who were flying to home country with a request to post it after you reach home country.

An Expat recalls life in Saudi Arabia 45 years ago

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