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Procedure to Check Family Visit Visa Approval or Issuance status online in Saudi Arabia

After applying your family visit visa online on Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) website, You should do chamber of commerce to that application through your company or yourself and wait for visa approval and issuance. Generally it takes 1 to 7 working days for visa issuance, some times it may takes one month. Related : Step by step guide to apply family visit visa online

Step by step procedure to check the applied visit visa status online through MOFA portal.

1. Visit MOFA website by following this link

2. Change to your preferred language English/Arabic Similar : Required documents for stamping family visit visa

3. Scroll down the Inquiry Request and select search by "Application Number", enter your order or application number in "Application Number", then enter "Iqama Number" and Captcha image code.

Procedure to check family visit visa issuance and Approval Status -

- Application number is the number which you get after submitting family visit visa request online as order or application number, while iqama number is of those through which you applied online visit visa.

4. Click on "Search", If you see 'Document number' and 'Document date' then it means your visa is approved and issued. If you see same as you seen when submitted with order application number, it means you need to check again the status later. In case you see some message in 'red', please find the meaning of it in "Status meanings of family visit visa".

Procedure to check family visit visa issuance and Approval Status -

Procedure to confirm Applied visit visa is issued :

1. Copy Document number from the above method, Now go to link

2. Select "Visa Document Number", Enter document number in 'Visa Number' (This number you will get from the above procedure), then 'Iqama Number' and Captcha image code, click on 'Search'.

3. You can print it or send a digital copy of it to your home country for stamping process. Recommend : Check stamping visit visa status on passport

Procedure to check family visit visa issuance and Approval Status -

This article was first published on 16th December 2018 and updated on 2nd June 2022

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