Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Family Visit Visa of Saudi Arabia for Indians is now 305 SR only

Finally, The confusion and dilemma of Indian expats is over upon Saudi visit visa, As recently they go through the news of family visit visa for 305 Saudi Riyals instead of 2000 Saudi Riyals. Few tried to prove it as wrong and rumor, but Indian travel agents and media tried to proved it as a reality. Most Viewed : Saudi Visa stamping status of your passport

Yes, now the good news is Indians are getting Saudi family visit visas for 305 Saudi Riyals for 6 months (180 days) with single entry, which was 2000 riyals earlier and the multiple entries visit visa rate are follows

- 455 Saudi Riyals for 6 months with multiple entry. Recommend : Makkah to Madinah train from September

- 810 Saudi Riyals for 1 year with multiple entries and

- 1,110 Saudi Riyals for 2 years with multiple entries.

A lime light for those who sent back their families to their home countries, In the last 4 months, thousands of Indian families left Saudi Arabia since the introduction of Dependent fee on the families of Saudi expatriates. Which left thousands of homes, villas and apartments are empty with a huge loss to real estate. Similar : Is Saudi visit visa reduced to 305 SR

- Indians are becoming emotional, since the news broke by Indian media, travel agents and social media. Few people applied back for family visit visas from the MOFA websites on confirming with travel agents. However their is a small limit of time for applying visit visas till 10th of the Ramadan after which it will be blocked till the Hajj season finished.

Some of the emotional comments from Indian people on reducing Saudi visit visa fees are

- "I am nothing with out you 'My Family', Please come back and join with me in Saudi Arabia". Read : Check Visa delegation for Saudi visa stamping

- "My lovely daughter, I missed you since you go, Please come back to me".

- "Saudi Real estate and Shopping malls will come back to the life soon".

- "Thank you Saudi Arabia, For giving a chance for us to bring back our families in visit visas instead of bringing them on permanent family visas". See Also : Benefits of bringing family in Saudi Arabia

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