Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, April 8, 2018


As of now, everyone knows Labor and operators profession on iqama will not able to get family visa. One of our blog reader shared his experience whose iqama profession is computer operator and how he got permanent family visa for his wife. Trending : Marriage certificate attestation in India

I am working as computer programmer but my profession on iqama is computer operator, I did not change my profession as some people tell me it is ok whatever profession you have on your iqama. I realize the value of not changing iqama profession later, while i am applying for permanent family visa for my wife, as i am newly wed. See Also : Dependent fee on permanent family visa

- I collected all required documents for applying family visa like, Educational and marriage certificates Saudi attestation, Salary letter from my company, Istiqdam form stamped from company, Arabic translation of educational document and marriage certificate.

- I booked appointment with istiqdam and visit the counter on the appointed time, They refused my application as my profession is computer operator, They tell me to change the profession and come again. Read : Procedure to Issue final exit visa to dependents

- As we already know profession change on iqamas has been stopped from last few months. I return back to my company and tell our HR department, Then they said book appointment for next day and they send one Saudi guy with me to Istiqdam office.

- Our company Saudi guy convinced them and said we want to change his iqama profession as the service is stopped we unable to do it. He is important guy in our IT section, He is newly wed, It will be good if you accept his application. Once the service of profession change open we will change his profession. Recommend : No exit re entry till you pay dependent fee

- Istiqdam guy convinced with the words of our company guy and approve my application and gave me yellow paper. This way i got permanent family visa for my wife on computer operator iqama profession.

- Computer Technicians, Computer Programmers, Computer maintenance, Computer electronics, Computer electrical, etc,. professions are eligible for permanent family visa, If they have a salary above 3500 Saudi Riyals. Only computer operator profession is not eligible for permanent family visa. Most Viewed : Istiqdam offices address in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam


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