Posted by : Aahil Shaik Apr 14, 2017


Amnesty period (2017) of 90 +30 days is about to end on July 24th, All illegal expatriates should leave Saudi Arabia instead of facing heavy and severe penalties after the amnesty period. To be benefit from amnesty and reach home illegals need 1. Valid Passport or Emergency Certificate which will provide by your Embassy, 2. Exit Visa will be from Saudi Government, 3. Ticket which will be paid by yourself. Trending : Amnesty Period 2017 is extended for one month

Required Documents for returning home in Amnesty Period :

1. Valid Passport OR Emergency Certificate OR OUT PASS: If you have valid passport then you can directly apply for exit visa without EC or Out Pass, read the second point to apply for exit visa. Related : Indian Embassy efforts for illegals

- Those who do not have valid passports should apply for Emergency Certificate(EC) or Out Pass through your Embassy or its help centers in Saudi Arabia. Then you need to fill EC form and should provide your Photograph, Passport copy and Iqama copy OR visa page OR border number.

- There is no fee for issuing Emergency Certificate(EC) from Embassy, But it takes a time of 5 to 7 days for issuing and your existing passport will be cancelled after issued, Once you get EC you can apply for exit visa. Similar : Pakistan Embassy efforts for illegals

2. EXIT VISA : To apply for exit visa, One should Book an appointment in Ministry Of Interior Absher website in the Passports Section. Reach the designated office as per your appointment and get print out of Exit Visa. See Also : Fines for illegals after amnesty

- For Riyadh the designated office is in Malaz, Sitteen Street, Old Jamiya Noora University, Gate No. 7 for Men and Gate No. 8 for women, Your Embassy officials will also be there to help you out. Recommend : Philippine Embassy efforts for illegals

3. TRAVEL TICKET : No one is going to pay your tickets to return home, Everyone should bear their own tickets.


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