Posted by : Aahil Shaik Sunday, October 9, 2016

Expat worker with above 60 years of Age is equal to Two expats in Nitaqat program

As per the draft resolution, Expatriates above 60 years of age will be calculate as two expatriate employees in the Nitaqat program, Sixty years will be as per Gregorian Calendar, So all the private and public companies whose expatriate employees are more than 60 years are welcome to express their views and opinions on it. 

Ministry Of Labor (MOL) and Social Development in Saudi Arabia ordered few days before asked business owners, private sectors and enterprises to express their views and cast votes on this draft resolution before 23rd Muharram 1438. 

- The decision of approval will be taken after the observations and opinions. In this draft resolution calculation of foreign employees above 60 as two employees in the Nitaqat system. Recommend : Retirement Age under Saudi Arabia Labor Law

- In order to meet the conditions and needs of society and to provide more job opportunities for Saudi youth and citizens. The Ministry has a plan to increase the number of Saudi's by attracting them into the private sector. Read this : Limit of Cash allowed in Saudi Airports

- Expatriates on professions of Investors or academicians are exempt from this resolution, Similarly professions like Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Lecturers, Doctors and medical professions are exempt from this rule. See Also : Exit Re Entry fee in Sadad Payment system

- The above professions will be calculate as only one expatriate in the Nitaqat program even though they are 60 plus years. Related : All visa categories applicable for new visa fee

- Professions like Medical technicians and Pharmacists are not exempted from this decision in case of approval this resolution, They will calculate as two expatriates if they are above sixty years. You May Like : Family Visit Visa fee in Saudi Arabia


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