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Now expatriates can renew their driving license online through Ministry of Interior website by accessing Absher services. It is also possible to renew Saudi Arabia driving license directly by visiting muroor office of Dallah. If you do not have driving license till now, you can read this article "Apply for Saudi driving license".

To renew Saudi Arabia driving license online through Ministry Of Interior, First you should make sure of few things.

- Your fingerprint and picture should be enrolled in MOI systems (If your photo is visible when you logging MOI absher account then it is enrolled, for fingerprint refer article "Check fingerprint enrolled or not") .

- Pay if you have any renewal or delay fee pending.

- If you have any traffic violations, Pay the fine (see this article  "Check Traffic Violations").

- Your Current license should have validity of less than 180 days.

- You should be alive as per MOI system records.

Procedure to renew Saudi Arabia driving license online through MOI :

1. Pay fee online for renewing driving license using online personal net banking or thorugh ATM depending on the years you want to renew.
SR 80/- For two years
SR 200/- For five years
SR 400/- For ten years

2. Login to your MOI Absher account, By entering User name, Password, and Verification SMS code, If you do not have till now then follow this article "Register for MOI Absher".

3. Once you logged in, Click on "E-SERVICES" from the left tab select "Traffic" and then click on "Renew Driving License".

Renew Saudi driving license online through MOI

4. Now You will see the instructions which is mentioned above, Click on "NEXT".

Saudi Driving License Renewal MOI Instructions

5. Now a new window will open having an option to select "Renew Private Driving License" and an option to choose number of years you want to renew. Choose the years for which you made fee payment, Click on "NEXT".

6. Now your page will get redirected having an option of "CONFIRM", Once you confirmed, You will get a reference number and you should take a print of it.

7. Visit the muroor office of DALLAH, Go for eye test then submit your documents like photograph, Old driving license and a filled form of renewing driving license stamped at reception. Within 5-10 minutes you will get your renewed license.

Aug 31, 2015



Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificate is mandatory for expatriates, who have planned to migrate European countries or countries like Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, UK, USA etc, in future. As this countries law require to criminal record check of an expatriate. If you are out of Saudi Arabia then read this article "Police Clearance Certificate outside KSA".

If you are planning for final exit in Saudi Arabia, then it is better to take police clearance certificate, before you left from Saudi. As once you left from here, there is a different and long procedure to get it. Before, final exit I refer you to read in this article "Final Exit in Saudi".


Procedure to get Saudi Arabia Police Clearance Certificate while you are in KSA :

1. Contact your country embassy in Saudi Arabia for applying an Endorsement letter. Submit the filled form including Iqama copy and fee for applying endorsement letter. It may take a time of 1 to 2 weeks to be processed.

2. Once you get endorsement letter from embassy, Visit MOFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) for attesting your letter, You will be provided with a form, Fill it and submit it back to MOFA with a fee of SR 100/- including endorsement letter and photocopies of your Iqama and passport.

3. Once your letter attested by MOFA, Make sure your fingerprints are enrolled in Ministry Of Interior systems, To check follow this article "finger print status".

4. Visit one of the below mentioned police stations for police clearance certificate with your documents (attested endorsement letter, Iqama and passport photocopies) along with company representative.
- Riyadh, Deera police office, near to court.
- Jeddah, Police office behind Islamic Development Bank.
- Dammam, Police office opposite to Governor house.

5. You will get an expected date from police station for your police clearance certificate. You need to visit that day again to collect it. Once you get translate it in English for your future use.



It is possible to cancel final exit visa in Saudi Arabia, If an employer and his employee (an expatriate) want to cancel final exit visa, due to any reason, then he should go through the following procedure.

If an expatriate left the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by final exit visa, Then he can come back to Saudi Arabia with new visa. However their is an unapproved recommendation from the Council of Saudi Chambers to ban expatraites for 2 years, who left the kingdom in final exit visa.


If an expatriate leaving KSA on final exit, before he left, He should take care of some documents including Police clearance certificate which is mentioned in this article "Final Exit in Saudi Arabia". So that in future, he can able to go to any country.

Procedure to Cancel Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia :

1. Fill the final exit cancellation application form in Arabic, Which is available with the people who sits near Saudi Arabia Jawazat office. Are you wonder what is Jawazat read this "Saudi Arabia Jawazat".

2. Attest (sign and stamp) final exit cancellation application form from your employer who processed your visa for final exit.

3. A letter from your employer requesting Saudi Jawazat to cancel your final exit visa. This letter should be attested by Chamber of Commerce which is located in your employers city.

4. Your employer or his representative should be present with you to process your final exit visa cancellation.

5. If your Iqama expired, you need to pay a Iqama fee of every year for renewal. Check this article "Check Iqama Expiry date".

6. Two passport size white background photographs.

7. Photocopies of your Final exit visa, Iqama and Passport.

Aug 29, 2015



Every Saudi expatriate engineer should register in Saudi Council of Engineers, if he came to Saudi Arabia on different profession visa. If your profession is different from engineer on your Iqama or visa then you should go through this process. If you are a Engineer and you are coming on new work visa to Saudi Arabia then it is better to come on your profession visa. As engineer profession allows you to bring your family in Visit or permanent.

Online procedure to Register in Saudi Council of Engineers :

1. Make sure your engineering degree is attested from Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture of your native country. It is explained in this article "Attest Certificates from Saudi Embassy".


2. Translate your attested engineering degree into Arabic from approved translator.

3. A Chamber of Commerce attested letter from your employer stating your Name, Iqama number, Salary, Joining Date and requesting for change of profession as engineer.

4. Scan all the documents mentioned below in .JPG format, As it is required to upload online in Saudi Council of Engineering website for registration.

- Picture (200x200 pixels)
- Passport copy
- Iqama copy
- Employment Letter
- Letter of Authorization
- Saudi Embassy attested Engineering Degree
- Engineering Mark sheet or Grade sheet (No need of attestation)
- CV
Register in Saudi Council of Engineers

5. Go to Saudi Council of Engineers website

6. Fill all the basic details, Upload your picture and the required documents. Verify your all details twice or thrice, then Submit.

7. After submitting you will get a registration number, Note it for your future reference.

8. After 3 days of submission online, Personally Visit to Saudi Council of Engineers office of your city with the registration number you have.

9. On your turn, they will check all your details, If everything is good, They will ask you to pay a fee of nearly SR 1250/- and will issue a Saudi Council of Engineers registration letter.

10. You need to mention, you want to change your iqama profession, Then he will issue a letter for change of profession to Ministry Of Labor and provide a copy of letter to you. To know the process of Profession change read this article "Change your Iqama Profession".

11. Give those letters to your company HR officer, He will take care of this things from there.



By using Public Query Finger Print Enrollment in "Ministry Of Interior website", Expatriates and citizens of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can check whether their finger prints are enrolled in Ministry Of Interior (MOI) Systems or not.  Finger Printing is also called as "Basmah". One can track it in the way explained below.

How to check Fingerprint Enrollment in MOI website :

- See below image, Open MOI website, move your mouse on "Electronic Inquiries", You can see a tab menu left side, In that move your mouse on "Passports", Now you can see "Public Query Fingerprint Enrollment", Just click on it.

MOI Fingerprint Enrollment Status


- Follow the link of MOI website "Public Query Finger Print Enrollment".
- Enter Identity Number ( "Iqama" number or National ID).
- Enter Image code (From Above Image).

- Click on View to display the result.

Now you can see a message just above this form either "Fingerprint Enrollment Update" in green or "Fingerprint Enrollment Not Updated" in red.
Check Fingerprint Enrollment Status

- If you are not enrolled your fingerprint, then passport department will not issue your "Iqama renewal" or "new Iqama". Every expatriate and citizen, who is above 15 years must enroll their fingerprint.

- You must enroll your fingerprints, to allow the passport department services like "Change of profession", "Exit re entry visas" and information "transfers". As all the services are now fully online.

Aug 26, 2015
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Register for MOI Absher Account using Self Service Kiosk Machine : Activate or Register for MOI Absher eservices account using self service Kiosk machine. If you are unable to register MOI Absher account through Ministry Of Interior website due to any reason then you can proceed with this very simple and easy method which will be completed in few minutes of time.

Procedure to register using Self Service Kiosk Machine :

1. Go to nearest Absher Kiosk Machine, Choose your language Arabic or English.

2. Enter your Iqama number (Resident ID) or National ID.

3. Place index finger of your right hand on finger print reader.

4. Place index finger of your left hand on finger print reader.

5. Enter your personal mobile number (should be available with you to receive SMS code).

6. Enter SMS code you received.

Now your MOI Absher account is registered and activated, you are ready to use eservices provided by Ministry Of Interior.

Locations of Absher Self Service Kiosk Machine for Registration and Activation : Reach the below mentioned offices for absher account registration and activation purpose in between the time.

From 7.30 AM to 2 PM :

Riyadh Passport office, Passport office of General Authority of Investment, Passport office of 2nd Industrial Area, Deriyah Passport Office, Kharj Passport Office, Guwaiyah Passport Office,
Dawadmi Passport Office, Afif Passport, Wadi-el-Dawaser Passport, Shaqraa Passport, Zulfi Passport, Aflaj Passport, Hutat bani Tamim Passport, Huraimlaa Passport , Muzahmiya Passport, Majma'a Passport, Sajer Passport, Hutat Sedair Passport, Artawiyah Passport, Al Ghat Passport, Thadeq Passport, Jamash Passport, Rowaidah Passport, Rumah Passport, Makkah Passport, Jeddah Passport, Investment General Authority Passport, Saudi Airlines Passport, Tayef Passport, Rabigh Passport, Qunfudah Passport, Khurma Passport, Ranya Passport, Turba Passport, Al Madinah Passport, Investment General Authority Passport, Al Ula Passport, Al Mahd Passport, Yanbu Passport, Dammam Passport, Khubar Passport, Al Ahsa Passport, Al Jubail Passport, Dahran Aramco Passport, Hafr-el-Batin Passport.

King Khalid City Passport, Rass Tanoura Passport, Al Khafji Passport, Al Naeriyah Passport, Qariat al Ulaya Passport, Buraidah Passport, Onaizah Passport, Al Rass Passport, Al Bekairiyah Passport, Oyon Al Jawa Passport, Al Mathnab Passport, Al Shannanah Passport, Aseer Passport, Abha Passport, Khamis Mushayt Passport, AL Nammas Passport, Basha Passport, Mahayel Aseer Passport, Surat Abeedah Passport, Tathleeth Passport, Dahran Al Janoub Passport, Aseer- Balgran Passport, Al Baha Passport, Bagurashi Passport, Al Mandeg Passport, Al Makhuat Passport, Galawah Passport, Hayel Passport, Baga'a Passport, Al Ghazal Passport, Al Jouf Passport, Al Qurayyat Passport, Domat-el Jandal Passport, Tabarjal Passport, Tabouk Passport, AL Wajh Passport, Debaa Passport, Ar'Ar Passport, Rafha Passport, Tareef Passport, Jazan Passport, Farasan Passport, Najran Passport, Sharorah Passport, Habuna Passport.

From 9 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 9 PM :

Falmingo Mall Passport ,Sairafi Mall Passport, Tahliya Mall Passport,

Sadhan Khurais Passport (7.30AM to 3 PM)

MOI eservices terminal Al Ghadeer District (1 PM to 9 PM)



Procedure to transfer your family members under your sponsorship in case of death of the father or head of the family. These procedure is applicable only if the son is working under another sponsor or company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This process does not cost anything.

Required Documents for Tansferring Sponsorship of family members :

1. A copy of your passport and valid Iqama with eligible profession.

2. A copy of your birth certificate, translated in Arabic.

3. A letter in Arabic explaining the reason why you are transferring your mother and siblings under your sponsorship.

4. NOC and salary certificate from your employer attested by chamber of commerce.

5. GOSI (General Organisation of Social Insurance) certificate mentioning your salary same as in your salary certificate.

6. A copy of death certificate of your father.

7. A copy of your father Iqama and passport.

8. A copy of your mother Iqama and passport.

If schooling Brother available (under 18) :

1. A copy of your brother Iqama and passport.

2. A Copy of birth certificate of your brother, Translated in Arabic.

3. A Confirmation letter from School of your brother stamped by school and Ministry of Education.

If Sister available (Unmarried) :

1. A copy of your sister Iqama and passport.

2. A copy of birth certificate of your sister, Translated in Arabic.

3. An Arabic confirmation letter from you mentioning your sister is still unmarried.

Submit all above mentioned documents to Legal Affairs Department of Jawazat Saudi. Once they verify your documents, they will return your documents and will issue a letter to you addressing to court to issue a verification letter.

1. Getting Verification Letter (صك اعالة) from Court :

Here you should bring the below things to present it in court

1. Original valid iqama's and its copies of all family members including yours.

2. A letter from Saudi Jawazat, which you got in above procedure.

3. Your known 4 witnesses, who should witness that your head of family is no more and you are the only one legal guardian available to take care of your family.

Visit the court and let your case register then wait for your turn to go to Judge along with witnesses. State the situation you faced provide your witnesses, If you are unfamiliar with Arabic they will arrange a translator. Once judge satisfied, He will provide a paper to sign along with witnesses, then he will issue your (صك اعالة) verification letter.

2. Submiting all documents to Jawazat :

Now visit again to Legal Affairs Departement of Jawazat and submit all of your documents including verification letter from court. Saudi Jawazat people will write a case and ask you to visit after some days. Once they approved they will issue a letter to proceed with transfer.

Transfer Family members sponsorship

3. Process for Transferring family Iqama's :

1. Fill the transfer form of each and every family member.

2. Valid original Iqama's and passport copies of each and every family member.

3. Recent passport size photographs of each and every family member.

4. Enroll finger prints of all family members in fingerprint enrollment department, if not done earlier.

Submit this all documents to Transfer of Service Department of Jawazat including a letter of Legal Affairs Department. Transfer of Service Department will transfer all your family members under your dependents. You will get a SMS once transferred, You can also check in MOI Absher sponsor services.
Aug 24, 2015
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End of Service Benefits or Award is applicable for those expatriates who completed a minimum of two years service in any company of Saudi Arabia. If an employee service is less than two years in a company, Then he is not eligible for any kind of  End of Service Award or Benefits.

Refer Article 84 to Article 88 in English translated Saudi Labor Law .

End of Service Benefits will be calculated only while you are leaving the company, Whether you are resigning the job or you are terminated by your employer, Note entitlement or benefits is different in both the cases.

End of Service Benefits in Saudi Labor Law for Resignation of Employee :

1. If an employee is resigned before the service of two years, Then he is not eligible for any kind of End of Service Benefits like ESB, % of Salary, Entitlement.

2. If an employee is resigned after servicing two years but lessthan five years (2-5 years) then he is eligible for 1/3rd of End of Service Benefits award. Here % of salary will be half of the salary.

3. If an employee is resigned after servicing five years but lessthan ten years (5-10 years) then he is eligible for 2/3rd of ESB award, Here percentage of salary will be full salary of the employee.

4. If an employee is resigned from the job or the employer terminate him after 10 years of servicing (10+ years) the he is eligible for full End of Service Benefits award, Here percentage of salary will be his full salary.

End of Service Benefits in Saudi Labor Law for Termination of Contract of Employee :

1. If an employer terminates an employee from company before his 5 years of service, then he is eligible for half salary.

2. If an employer terminates an employee from company after servicing of 5 years, then he is eligible for half salary for first five years, After 5 years full salary will be calculated.

For Women Employees :

- If a women employee resign the job within 6 months of her marriage the she is eligible to get full rewards of End of Service Benefits.
- In the same way, If a women resign the job after 3 months of giving a birth to child, then also she is eligible to get full rewards of ESB.

Saudi Expatriates can also calculate their End of Service Benefits from government website of Labor Education.
ESB Calculator



Step by step registration procedure for residents who intend to do Hajj this year 2017 (1438) by Allah's permission.

1. Visit Ministry Of Hajj website at

2. Choose the language as you like Arabic or English from top left side.

3. Enter your details like City, Number of members, Package type (Normal Fare, Low Fare and Muyassur), then when you want to leave Mina like Mutajil (on 12th) or Mutakhir (on 13th) and then "Submit".


4. Now you will be redirected to a page where you can see the package details.


5. Based on your selection, List of companies packages will appear who are operating hajj services including its details like Housing, Transportation, Food, etc.

6. You can check all the services and prices they are offering for hajj program package by clicking "Details" below every operator company. You can also find a button of "Book".

7. Once you click "Book", You will find a form to enter your details like Mobile Number and Email.


8. Click on "Submit", It will verify your mobile through SMS code in the next screen, One mobile number can be used to book only one time.

- Once you verified your mobile, It will ask you to enter your details like Iqama number or Citizen Id number and date of birth, You can enter all the pilgrims details, For female passengers their husband or mahram details should be entered in the same form.

- If you want to slaughter animal, You can take the coupon here, Otherwise you can skip it.

- In the next page, you need to agree the terms by click the button of "I Agree". Once you agreed with the terms, You need 'confirm' it, for that you have 12 hours of time, In case you did confirm with 12 hours it will be canceled.

9. You can print it and contact the agent if you have any queries, If you are satisfied with the agent, then you can proceed with them by paying the amount on the mentioned SADAD with in the 3 days.

11. Once you paid, With in 2 days of time, you can visit Hajj ministry website and  check your status, If your status is "Paid Applicant", Then you successfully done with it, It will take a time of 2 days to update in MOI website. You can download your permit by following this "Download Hajj permit".

The Ministry of Hajj has announced the date of registration on their internet portal for those resident pilgrims willing to perform Hajj in this year 1438, which will be from 24/07/2017 (1/11/1438) by 08:00 AM through its website

Also, the ministry has warned against dealing with any company, no matter it is, and made it clear that the Internet portal is the only place for Hajj registration and payment of Hajj fee, to ensure that there is no price manipulation or its increment.
Aug 17, 2015


Expats in Saudi Arabia can now update or change their mobile number and email in Absher (Ministry Of Interior) MOI e-services. Mobile number is playing an important role, while you are signing in ministry website as you need to verify it while you are logging into MOI ministry website. 

If you lost your registered mobile number, it is hard to access to MOI absher e services. But you have an option to change your old mobile number to new one through Absher ATM machine, which is available at airport or Saudi Arabia Jawazat passport office. It is also possible to make new account with new mobile number.


You can use your user name and password and finger print to login to absher machine and then you can update your new mobile number. A guy will be there, near absher machine who will help you to do that.

If you have access to your old number then you can easily verify it while logging in through ministry website, Once you logged in you can update your new mobile number by following below method.

1. Go to Ministry Of Interior Saudi Arabia website, At the top right side, Enter your user name and password and click on "LOGIN".

2. Verify your mobile number by entering verification code which you got as sms on your mobile number.

3. Once you successfully logged in, you can see your picture, Be siding My Dashboard, Edit User Profile, Change Password and Logout options.

4. Click on Edit User profile, Now you can see a redirected page showing your details like Email, Mobile Number and Preferred Language with a button "EDIT".

Edit Mobile Number in MOI e services

5. Click on "EDIT', Now you can enter your new Email, new Mobile Number, select preferred language and then enter catchpa code from the above catchpa image.

Update Mobile number Email in MOI websie

6. Click on "SAVE". Now you updated successfully your new mobile number or new email.

Aug 16, 2015
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Documents Required for applying Driving License Saudi Arabia :

1. Original Iqama (Resident ID) and its photocopy.

2. Get your blood group test report from any dispensary in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

3. For Expatriates, Home country driving license translated to Arabic. It is easier to get driving license Saudi Arabia, if you have your home country license.

4. Four(4) Passport size photographs.

5. Photocopy of your passport including visa page.

6. Driving License Saudi Arabia paid fee receipt.


- License fee should be paid through online banking SADAD system or through ATM banking. SAR 400/- for 10 years, SAR 200/- for 5 years, SAR 80/- for 2 years. Printed copy or receipt of payment should provide as document.

- Once you get all the above documents, Go to Dallah driving school Ksa before 7am in the morning.

- Near entrance gate few persons will approach you to take driving license payment for 430 SAR or above. As you already paid fee do not turn to them.


- Some agents will offer you for creation of file for 15 to 20 SAR enclosed with filled application form in Arabic for you, you can take it.

- Go to Eye sight test section in Dallah driving school Ksa, once eye tested, He will stamp your application and send you to "License Check" counter. He will also stamp your application and send you for "First trial".

- One Saudi person will be sitting in a car and he will ask you to drive a little ahead, reverse, left, right, start and stop. It is better if you know this words in Arabic. He may ask you to show your resident iqama id.

- If successful, He will give you grade "1" Alif, it means you are ready for final test, Otherwise you have to attend classes or you need to make new file after 2-3 days.

- Deposit SAR 100/- Now he will take your file and ask you to attend a 3 hour class in which they will teach basics, listen carefully and then he will allow you to take Saudi driving school computer test.

- Once you clear Saudi driving school computer test, There will be driving test again "final trial", If you clear "final trial", You need to submit documents in computer room and you will get your driving license within few minutes.

- If you fail in "final trial", you will get next date for test. For one file you will get 3 test dates, If you failed in 3 tests, you need to start the whole process again.

Aug 11, 2015



Business Visa is applicable for those who want to travel to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for business purpose. For Business Visa eligibility, Business visitors requires a valid sponsorship from Saudi Arabian Company or Saudi Arabian Business.

The provision of Business visa is only applicable for Investors, Business men, Managers, Sales Managers, Sales Representatives, etc. Business Visa does not applicable for those professions who does not have business features like Engineers, Doctors, Programmers, Professors, Teachers, Technicians etc.


Visiting visa's are of 3 types in Saudi Arabia
1. Family Visit Visa
2. Work Visit Visa
3. Business Visit visa

Saudi Business Visa Requirements :

- Valid Passport having at least 6 months validity with two adjacent blank pages.

- One recent passport size photo with white background.


- Business Visa Application Form filled with black ink pen or printed one. You can download the application form from

- Any one of the following documents to prove the position of applicant.

1. A letter addressed to the Royal Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the applicant’s employer, that confirms the applicant’s position which he's being sent on a business visit associated with his company.

2. Company business registration copy in Saudi and in native country.

3. Invitation letter from sponsor company attested by Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

- Copy of Home country Resident Identity Card of the applicant.

- Visa fees should be pay online through Enjaz website. You can hire a specialized agent to process it.

Business Visa Violations :

- Do not overstay, Visitors should leave Saudi Arabia before the visa expire.

- Does not have right to work or reside in the kingdom.

- Respect society values and traditions.

- Must abide by the country Islamic laws and regulations.

- KSA laws against drug trafficking are strictly enforced. Violators are subject to severe punishments including death penalty.
Aug 10, 2015
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