Posted by : Aahil Shaik Monday, August 31, 2015


Now expatriates can renew their driving license online through Ministry of Interior website by accessing Absher services. It is also possible to renew Saudi Arabia driving license directly by visiting muroor office of Dallah. If you do not have driving license till now, you can read this article "Apply for Saudi driving license".

To renew Saudi Arabia driving license online through Ministry Of Interior, First you should make sure of few things.

- Your fingerprint and picture should be enrolled in MOI systems (If your photo is visible when you logging MOI absher account then it is enrolled, for fingerprint refer article "Check fingerprint enrolled or not") .

- Pay if you have any renewal or delay fee pending.

- If you have any traffic violations, Pay the fine (see this article  "Check Traffic Violations").

- Your Current license should have validity of less than 180 days.

- You should be alive as per MOI system records.

Procedure to renew Saudi Arabia driving license online through MOI :

1. Pay fee online for renewing driving license using online personal net banking or thorugh ATM depending on the years you want to renew.
SR 80/- For two years
SR 200/- For five years
SR 400/- For ten years

2. Login to your MOI Absher account, By entering User name, Password, and Verification SMS code, If you do not have till now then follow this article "Register for MOI Absher".

3. Once you logged in, Click on "E-SERVICES" from the left tab select "Traffic" and then click on "Renew Driving License".

Renew Saudi driving license online through MOI

4. Now You will see the instructions which is mentioned above, Click on "NEXT".

Saudi Driving License Renewal MOI Instructions

5. Now a new window will open having an option to select "Renew Private Driving License" and an option to choose number of years you want to renew. Choose the years for which you made fee payment, Click on "NEXT".

6. Now your page will get redirected having an option of "CONFIRM", Once you confirmed, You will get a reference number and you should take a print of it.

7. Visit the muroor office of DALLAH, Go for eye test then submit your documents like photograph, Old driving license and a filled form of renewing driving license stamped at reception. Within 5-10 minutes you will get your renewed license.


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