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Saudi cinema revenues reach 3.7 billion Riyals since 2018

The film industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made over 3.7 billion Saudi Riyals from April 2018 to March of the Year 2024, with over 61 million tickets sold, according to the General Authority for Media Regulation. Read : 4 Social Media influencers fined and suspended in Saudi Arabia

These figures comes in 6 years after the opening of the first Saudi Arabian cinema theater.

- President of the Saudi Cinema Society Hanaa Al-Omair stated that Kingdom is the most rapidly developing market in the Middle East right now, and that the Saudi box office is doing very well.

- In recent years, Saudi cinema has made a strong impression, which is encouraging.

- Furthermore, she mentioned that last year Saudi cinematic content reached approximately 19 films, which reflects well for the future of Saudi cinema and suggests that "then we are moving in the right direction". See Also : Riyadh International Airport launches e-Passport gates at its two terminals

- Additionally, she brought out the fact that the Saudi box office achieves twice as much success as before due to the increased purchasing power that results from more frequent movie theater openings.

- The number of films shown in Saudi Arabia reached 1,971, with 45 of them being local productions, according to the information provided. Cinemas in Saudi Arabia are spread throughout 22 cities, and the number of theater operators has reached approximately 6 businesses.

- Saudi Arabia now has 66 movie theaters with a total of 63,373 seats, 618 screens, and more.

- Due to ongoing efforts to strengthen the movie business, Saudi Arabia's cinema sector has achieved significant improvements forward. Recommend : Saudi Arabia is providing RSV vaccine to elders to combat Respiratory risks

- There has been a rise in initiatives aimed at promoting cultural and civilizational advancement.

- The "Red Sea Festival" and the "Saudi Film Festival" are just two examples of the international and local film festivals that are helping to establish Saudi Arabia as a leading cultural hub.

- In addition to providing investment opportunities through financial support for local cinematic projects provided by the Cultural Fund, the environment is appealing enough to draw directors, actors, artists, and investors from all over the world. Join Saudi Expatriates on X

Saudi cinema revenues reach 3.7 billion Riyals since 2018 -

Saudi cinema revenues reach 3.7 billion Riyals since 2018

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