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Saudi Arabia introduces Euro 5 clean Gasoline and Diesel

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Energy in Saudi Arabia announced that the launch of Euro 5 clean petrol and diesel, which will replace the current fuels available in the Kingdom, had been successfully completed. Trending : Special Talent Premium Residency of Saudi Arabia

Both new fuels are compatible with existing vehicles like the earlier ones, according to the ministry, and this change is an effort to deliver cleaner fuel that helps reach the Saudi Vision 2030 targets while also being environmentally friendly.

- Euro 5 gives the most up-to-date standards and technology, which is worth highlighting. Cleaner, healthier, and safer air was the goal of the Euro 5 standards set by the European Union.

- In contrast to the more polluting Euro 2 diesel specification, the carbon monoxide specification does not go over 1.5%. Diesel sulfur content can reach 500 ppm and smoke opacity can reach 0.46 ppm with Euro 2 specification, while with Euro 5 specification, it can only reach 10 ppm and smoke opacity can be between 1.0 and 1.5 ppm. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia discovers major Gas and Condensate in Jafurah field

- As part of its efforts to reduce emissions and achieve zero neutrality by the Year 2060 through the implementation of the circular carbon economy concept, the Kingdom is launching these two goods, according to the ministry.

- This is in line with the Kingdom's long-term goals for development, which stem from its innovative role in strengthening global initiatives to combat climate change and preserve the environment, all the while maintaining its status as a dependable source of energy for the world.

- The two new products, according to the ministry, are in line with the 'Green Saudi Arabia' initiative and the Energy Efficiency Program's aims. Both of them set the Saudi fuel economy standard to encourage manufacturers to include cutting-edge energy-saving technology in imported vehicles and the more recent launched the Saudi fuel economy initiative to improve energy consumption efficiency. Read : Saudi made Lucid electric vehicles with drone and Artificial Intelligence

Saudi Arabia introduces Euro 5 clean Gasoline and Diesel -

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