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Saudi Arabia bans Iftar fundraising for Ramadan at Mosques

Government officials in Saudi Arabia have made it illegal for mosque imams to seek financial support in order to provide Iftar or meals to break the fast, for worshippers during the forthcoming Islamic month of Ramadan. Trending : Performing Hajj without Tasreeh or permit

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Dawah, which oversees the country's mosques, imposed the prohibition as part of Ramadan-related preparations.

- In order to maintain the cleanliness of mosques throughout Ramadan, the ministry underlined that the Iftar dinners that are offered at sunset should not be conducted inside the mosques. Instead, they should be held in designated courtyards.

- Another set of regulations associated with the lunar month of Ramadan is the prohibition of recording the imam or congregants in mosques using cameras set up inside the premises.

- It is also forbidden to transmit or broadcast prayers through various media. See Also : Saudization of 25% of engineering professions in private sector

- The ministry has also announced that the muezzins, who are responsible for reciting the call to prayer, must follow the prayer timings established in the Saudi calendar of Umm Al Qura. 

- Muezzins must also ensure that there is a consistent 10-minute gap during Ramadan between the adhan (prayer call) and the beginning of the prayer performance, with the exception of the evening and dawn prayers.

- While preaching sermons that are useful to worshippers, particularly those that highlight the laws of fasting and the virtues of the sacred month of Ramadan, imams are urged not to lengthen the time of Taraweeh, the optional midnight prayers conducted in Ramadan.

- During Ramadan, which is due to start on March 11, Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset every day. Read : Know the 12 important details available on your Iqama

Saudi Arabia bans Iftar fundraising for Ramadan at Mosques -

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