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A company was fined with more than 1 Million riyals for changing product's Expiry dates - Saudi Food and Drug Authority

A company in Riyadh was fined more than a million riyals by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority for changing the expiration date of a food product (like feta cheese), which is against the rules of the food system and the executive laws that govern it. Most Viewed : Are visitors allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia?

The authority said that it had seized and destroyed about 1.4 tons of violating goods at the facility's own cost. It also kept an eye on the facility for a number of violations, such as the release of food that had mold and other impurities on it, products that were too wet, and the facility's failure to report and take the necessary actions. To return the food as soon as it knows or has reason to believe that it does not meet the requirements.

- The SFDA pointed out that these actions go against Article 16 of the Food System, which says that food can't be traded if it's bad for your health or not fit to eat, if it doesn't follow technical rules or standard specifications for food, or if it's been tampered with or has misleading methods, means, or practices that trick the consumer. Read : 11 worst habits that may lead to belly fat - Health expert

- The Food and Drug Authority said that these actions go against Article 44 of the Executive Regulations of the Food System, which says that food is adulterated in a number of situations. For example, if the expiration date of food is changed without getting written permission from the Authority first, the food is considered to have been tampered with. 

- Read the food label and the Saudi Gulf Technical Regulation No. SFDA.FD GSO 9 "Packaged food labels", clause 3.7.5. This rule says that dates must be stamped, embossed, printed, or marked with ink that can't be removed on all food labels. The packages must be put in place directly on their original labels and by the person who made them. They must also be in a place that is clear and easy for the customer to read, so that important information is not hidden on the label. Recommend : Benefits of Vitamin E and its natural resources

- The authority said that extra labels with the production date and expiration date are not allowed. There should only be one production date or expiration date on a package, and neither date should be crossed out, changed, or tampered with. As Article 20 of the Food Law says that if you know or the food establishment suspects that the food did not meet the requirements set by the Authority, it must tell the authority of this, and take necessary measures to withdraw it as per the specified regulations.

A company fined with more than 1 Million riyals for changing product's Expiry dates -

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