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Saudi Arabia arrests 17,260 violators of Residency, Work and Border regulations within one Week

Within a week, 17,260 people were arrested by joint field campaigns by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia for breaking rules related to labor, residency, and border security. Most Viewed : 9 cases in which an employee can be terminated from his job without End of Service benefits

The Ministry of Interior clarified that during the period from 19th October 2023, to 25th October 2023, campaigns were conducted in all regions of the Kingdom to track and penalize violators of residency, work, and border security regulations.

1. A total of 17,260 violators were caught during joint security field campaigns throughout the Kingdom. Of these, 10,819 were violations of the residence law, 4090 were violations of the border security law, and 2351 were violations of the labor law.

2. In all, 703 persons were detained while attempting to enter the Kingdom over the border, 37% of these were Yemeni nationals, 62% Ethiopians, and 1% of other nationalities. Additionally, 23 people were detained as a result of their effort in irregularly entering the Kingdom from outside the border. Recommend : Fine in the absence of a Mosque at petrol stations in Saudi Arabia

3. Twenty-four persons were detained for their roles in the hiding, transportation, and hiring of people who broke the law regarding work, residency, and border security.

4. The overall number of expatriates who are currently subject to regulatory implementation proceedings is 48,405, including 40,915 males and 7,490 women who have violated the requirements.

5. A total of 2,199 violators were directed to finish their travel bookings, 9,239 of the offenders were deported, and 42,495 of the violators were referred to their diplomatic offices to get travel documents. See Also : Jeddah Airport and Dammam Airport issues a statement

- According to the Ministry of Interior, anyone who helps individuals who break the border security system enter the Kingdom, transports them around the country, gives them a place to stay, or offers them any other kind of support or service runs the risk of facing up to 15 years in prison, a fine of up to one million riyals, and confiscation of the housing and transportation options utilized for lodging, in addition to slandering him.

- The Ministry called for people to report any violations to the following numbers: 999 and 996 in the rest of the Kingdom's regions, and 911 in the regions of Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh, and Al-Sharqiya. The Ministry explained that this crime is considered a major crime that requires arrest and is against honor and trust. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Instagram

Saudi Arabia arrests 17,260 violators of Residency, Work and Border regulations -

Saudi Arabia arrests 17,260 violators of Residency, Work and Border regulations -

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