Posted by : Aahil Shaik Friday, September 8, 2023

A Woman makes a way for Worshippers from part of her Home in Hail

Al-Ati, Bint Salama Al-Khamsan, a Saudi national, became a role model for cooperation and charity work when she opened up a portion of her home to serve as a pathway for worshipers and the residents of the Muntazah district in the city of Hail. Video : Procedure to check iqama expiration date without using Absher account

In a video clip posted by the Al-Arabiya channel on its X (Twitter) account, some locals described how the corridor was created and how the 50 year old citizen agreed to it after receiving a request from a local mosque attendee.

- She responded to his request by saying, "I promise," which was then broadcast on the channel's Twitter account. See Also : The largest donation of billions and trillions is happening every year in a invisible way

- As everyone utilizes that corridor to access the mosque and other amenities and makes travel easier, a relative of the Saudi woman stated his hope that this work will balance out her good actions.

- He stated that she had asked the buyer to agree to keeping the driveway open when she sold the house and to which the buyer agreed. Read : Is it possible for Job Transfer after final exit visa issued

A Woman makes a way for Worshippers from part of her Home in Hail -

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