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Saudi Arabia announces National Day Holiday for Public, Private and non-Profit sector employees

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia announced that, in order to celebrate the 93rd Saudi National Day, which falls on Saturday, 23rd September 2023, it has been declared as an official holiday in the Kingdom. Most Viewed : Notice period for resignation or termination

Employees in the public, private and non-profit sectors in the Kingdom will be able to observe the holiday thanks to the Ministry's notification.

- According to Mohammad Al Rezqi, the ministry's official spokesman, this is in accordance with Article 24 of the Executive Regulations of the Saudi Labor Law, which requires employers to follow by the rules mentioned in the second paragraph.

- The rules that employers must abide by regarding official holidays are laid out in the article. The ministry advised all employers to follow the rules in order to ensure that the Saudi national holiday could be celebrated without issue. Read : A new economic corridor announced linking India, Saudi Arabia and Europe

- Additionally, students from different schools, colleges and universities will have the day off on September 24 so they can participate in the celebrations honoring the Saudi National Day.

- Earlier this, the Saudi government has announced that this 93rd Saudi National Day's slogan will be "We Dream and We Achieve".

- Due to the National Day falling on a Saturday this year, there will be a long weekend to enjoy. This makes it possible to relax and celebrate, especially for those who follow the 6-day workweek. It is a time of inclusive celebration because those who work a regular 5-day week can also take a similar day off to participate in the festivities. Recommend : Saudi Arabia witnesses decrease in road accidents by 35%

- The mood will be lively throughout the Kingdom, with a great display of cultural heritage. Spectacular fireworks, parades showcasing the uniqueness of each Saudi province, uplifting music, and a showcase of traditional clothing are all part of the festivities. Each and every corner will be filled with signs of national pride, including Saudi flags flying from buildings and streets, which will be illuminated in green to symbolize the core of the Saudi identity.

Why Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day on 23rd September?

Every year on September 23, the Kingdom commemorates the unification of the Najd and Hijaz nations by celebrating its national day. The countries united in 1932 to become the Kingdom, which was given that name in honor of the House of Saud, a family that included the country's first king, King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. See Also : Parents to face jail, in case students skips school

- The event is celebrated throughout the Kingdom with festivities, traditional activities, decorations, and flags. A message of pride and unity will carry across the streets.

Saudi Arabia announces National Day Holiday for Public, Private and non-Profit sector employees -

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