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Sunflower seeds promotes healthy skin and is an antioxidant - Food Expert

"Sunflower seeds are a good source of vitamin E that is beneficial to the body, especially the skin," said Fahd Al-Saeed, a Food Safety and Quality specialist in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Trending : See the beauty of AlUla in images

Furthermore, the nutritionist stated in a tweet on his official X (Twitter) account that "vitamin (E), found in sunflower seeds and grains, promotes skin health, which in turn acts as an antioxidant."

- Antioxidants assist in preventing cell damage brought on by dangerous chemicals known as free radicals, lowering the risk of chronic diseases and promoting general health.

- Sunflower seeds and grains include selenium and protein, according to the food expert. See Also : Benefits of Vitamin E and its natural resources

- Additionally, a nutritionist previously noted that avocados are rich in good fats that are good for skin health because consuming enough of these fats is essential for preserving skin suppleness and hydration.

List of Benefits of Sunflower seeds :

- Among the many important nutrients included in sunflower seeds are vitamin E, the B vitamins (such as B6 and folate), magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium. These nutrients are essential for supporting the immune system, producing energy, and maintaining bone health, among other body processes.

- Minerals like copper, phosphorus, and magnesium can be discovered in sunflower seeds and are crucial for strong, healthy bones. Particularly magnesium is essential for maintaining bone form and density. Recommend : What is Jawazat in Saudi Arabia and How to contact them

- Omega-6 fatty acids and other beneficial mono- and polyunsaturated fats are present in sunflower seeds. Due to their ability to lower harmful cholesterol levels and minimize the risk of heart disease, these fats are crucial for maintaining good heart health.

- Sunflower seeds can help in weight loss despite being high in calories. Sunflower seeds contains high levels of fiber, protein, and healthy fats can help people feel full longer and consume less calories overall.

- Dietary fiber, which supports regular bowel motions and assists in digestion, can be found in quantity in sunflower seeds. A healthy gut is maintained by consuming enough fiber. Similar : 11 worst habits that lead to belly fat

- Tryptophan, an amino acid found in sunflower seeds, is necessary for the synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter essential for mood regulation and wellbeing.

- Sunflower seeds has fiber, good fats, and protein composition can limit the rate at which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream, so assisting in blood sugar regulation.

Sunflower seeds promotes healthy skin and is an antioxidant - Food Expert -

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