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Saudi Arabia mandates USB-C type as the standard Charger for Smartphones by 2025

Saudi Arabia to standardize charging ports of electronic devices and mobiles, and the only connector that will be recognized is USB Type-C, starting from 1st January 2025. Follow Saudi Expatriates channel on Twitter

The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization and the Communications, Space and Technology Commission announced the required steps toward standardizing charging ports for mobile phones and other devices in the Saudi market.

- They highlighted that the decision is not intended to add to costs but rather to enhance the experience of connection users in the Kingdom. This is also done to provide top-notch data transfer and shipping technology, as well as to support environmental sustainability principles by lowering the amount of electronic trash. Trending : Saudi Arabia adds Tourist e-visa to 8 more countries

- The decision would help save customers in the Kingdom more than SR170 million annually by reducing the number of charger and charging cable consumption for mobile phones and other electronic devices by more than 2.2 million units yearly.

- By lowering electronic waste by about 15 tons annually, this also helps in achieving the Kingdom's sustainability goals in the technology industry.

- The mandatory enforcement will take place in two stages. In the first stage, which will begin from 1st January 2025, it will cover the following.

* Mobile Phones

* Digital Cameras

* e-readers

* Portable video game devices

* Headphones

* Earphones

* Amplifiers

* Keyboards

* Computer pointer device (Mouse)

* Navigation systems

* Portable speakers and

* Wireless routers.

- In the second stage, the decision will include laptops and the 2nd phase to begin from 1st April 2026. Read : Fine for driving a vehicle with unclear or damaged number plate

- According to the administrative and technical criteria outlined in the technical rules and related standards, it is planned to begin requiring businesses and suppliers to standardize the types of charging ports to be USB Type-C as of the year 2025.

Saudi Arabia mandates USB-C type as the standard Charger for Smartphones by 2025 -

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