Posted by : Aahil Shaik Saturday, August 19, 2023

Kuwait bans Expats from traveling without paying Traffic fines

The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait announced that, every foreigner or expatriate need to pay traffic violations fine before leaving the country for whatever reason, starting from Saturday, 19th August 2023. Trending : Saudi Iqama issuance and renewal fees

The Kuwait Interior Ministry added that, this comes as part of the continuation of the procedures to collect debts owed by the Ministry, based on the Decree No. 17 of 1959 on the Residence of Foreigners Law and Decree Law No. 67 of 1976 regarding Traffic.

- Every expat who wish to leave Kuwait, for whatever reason must pay the traffic violations registered on him in the Ministry's system through electronic portal or review one of the departments affiliated with the General Traffic Department in the governorates or of the offices located in the land and sea ports and Kuwait International Airport, starting from Saturday, 19th August 2023. Most Viewed : Prohibited items from carrying in flights from Saudi airports

- Several user friendly methods of paying off fines are, Sahel mobile app, Ministry of Interior's web portal, Traffic collection offices at Kuwait International Airport and Sea ports and General Traffic departments.

- From now onwards, every expat departing from the country will now be required to settle all the traffic fines and registered violations against them before they depart.

- The Ministry calls on everyone to abide by the established legal provisions and not to violate these provisions, as it will not hesitate to carry out its duty to maintain the security and public order in Kuwait. Recommend : Saudi Airlines is offering 50% off on its international flights

Kuwait bans Expats from traveling without paying Traffic fines -

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