Posted by : Aahil Shaik Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Employers can now pay Work Permit fee using Mada debit cards and Credit cards

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development's Qiwa platform in Saudi Arabia is now providing a new service that makes it easier to pay the work permit fee with credit cards and Mada debit cards.

The employers Qiwa digital wallet can be used to debit the money. Until now, only the SADAD payment system was available for the payment of the work permit fee. Some bank cards provide services that allow their owner to earn free points or recover a portion of the money they've spent using them.

- Since many businesses begin their fiscal years at the beginning of the Hijri year, the introduction of the new service falls in line with upgrading at the start of the new fiscal year. Trending : Employers are responsible for changing iqama profession

- In accordance with the changes to the financial years of establishments in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development's (MHRSD) electronic services portal, the Qiwa platform announced that it updated the data on work permit fee for the financial year in the current week.

- For businesses that did not comply with documenting 50% of their employees contracts during the second phase, which ended in the second quarter of the current year 2023, the Qiwa platform started stopping various electronic services for them.

- Instant visas, service transfers, and requests to change professions are the three of stopped services that are most important. This follows MHRSD's decision to mandate that employers electronically record workers contracts on the platform, encompassing in three phases. Most Viewed : One of the important condition for Job transfer in Saudi Arabia

- The contracts of roughly 80% of the employees at establishments will need to be documented in Qiwa platform by the end of the third quarter of the current year. The documenting of contracts includes a number of steps which are as follows.

* Login to the account of the establishment in Qiwa.

* Select establishment then Electronic Services.

* Create a new Contract, Enter the OTP.

* Manage and Document contracts. Read : Al-Hilal offers Mbappe most expensive Football offer ever

* Enter worker data, contract details.

* Upload the worker contract.

- The Ministry started moving a lot of services to the Qiwa platform, and the most recent was the Ajeer program, which is focused on managing temporary jobs and simplifying access to the labor market.

- The program combined platform access with Qiwa platform data. It is significant that the Qiwa platform offers the ministry services and solutions to improve the electronic services given to the local employment sector. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on imo messenger

Employers can now pay Work Permit fee using Mada card and Credit cards -

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